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Want to work for a fun Pantomime Company? Are you happy, talented and up for a challenge? If the answer’s yes then we need you!

We Offer:

* A competitive basic wage starts at £480 per week (6 days) £80 per day - plus accommodation
* Hotel accommodation (Travel Lodge/ Premier Inn) - Shared - Close to the morning venue.
* A magical Pantomime you’ll be proud to be part of
* A high standard tour van (Hire fleet) plus all the fuel to get you there
* 1 to 2 venues per day
* No money pick ups from venues
* No high pressure sales
* The time of your life :-)

We are a completely open company that has fun in all we do and look for like-minded happy and talented individuals. Over the years we have encountered various unnecessary problems that people have on tour and so to assist with the process we have an open approach to dealing with them before you even apply.

If you have no sense of humour - stop reading now - do not apply!

Please read carefully the key points below.

* We do not tolerate, theft, sexual or racial abuse, homophobia or anything else used as a tool to belittle others
* The tour involves being in a tour van for periods of time - this is because it is a tour around the UK - this means time spent in a van with others
* We generally perform in Schools, this by its nature means you will have an early morning show. If you are unable to give 100% at 9am - this isn’t the job for you
* In schools and all venues you will be required to smile and be friendly even when you’re not on stage. If your in a bad mood or maybe your dogs ran off with the neighbours cat - if you’re in a venue…. Act Happy!
* You will be working with other people as a team. If you have a dislike towards people in general or have no time for others - this isn’t for you.
* Constant moaning or complaining is banned. If you are “one of those people that just loves to moan” do not apply. It brings down everyone around you and ruins their experience.
Please note: if you slip through the net, get a job with us and start moaning - we will leave you at the roadside :-)
* Violence towards anyone is unacceptable - Aggressive behaviour will result in you being unemployed or worse
* We are nice people. My team and I will afford you every respect at all times, I only ask the same in return.
* You are joining our family, we want you to be part of it always… don’t become my uncle Kevin who no-one invites to parties because “he’s a bit weird”
* This is my show, I get to create magical stories ….it’s why I became a Producer, Writer and Director; I have invested my life and everything I own in it.
During the rehearsal process feel free to throw ideas at me, I love a creative process, however when its on the road… don’t change it because you can make it better! If you do I will find you…
* Don’t complain about your wages when you’ve signed the contract - I’m the Producer, which means you're on twice the amount I am….
* If you are too ill to perform - I will need to replace you. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

“The stage is a magic circle where only the most real things happen, a neutral territory outside the jurisdiction of Fate where stars may be crossed with impunity. A truer and more real place does not exist in all the universe.”

Kindest Regards Gary Starr

If you’re still here and have a smile on your face you’ve passed the test CLICK HERE and apply NOW!

If you’re outraged by the Director taking a light hearted approach to life CLICK HERE

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