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Gary Starr productions are in high demand after providing audiences with their visionary UV shows for over 3 years, we are now taking our shows on the road and are offering you the opportunity to house our amazing, fully self contained spellbinding show.

This is no ordinary show; with the clever use of our Ultra Violet lighting, our exceptional puppets and puppeteers teamed with our top draw scripts and outstanding voice actors our brand new spectacular is leaps and bounds ahead of any competition in UV puppetry!

The creative engineers behind our company are second to none we can defy gravity, conjure up, levitate, and make objects disappear before your very eyes! There is no limit to our capabilities which makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Prepare to be astounded as we follow Professor Bogwart hosting this epic magical experience! With spells galore, levitating potions bottles and with mystical creatures conjured from the depths of your imagination let us transport you on a mystical comedy adventure where you’ll meet the loveable hap-hazard Jack Skelton as he struggles to master the secrets of the dark arts much to the disapproval of the Professor Count Dracula. Along with his class mates and a whole host of mystical guests, Jack reigns supreme and finally graduates Scare School to become a Wizard!
This action packed fun family show will leave you in awe and wonder and certainly wanting more!
All of our shows boast expert grade puppets operated by our fully trained Puppeteers; our shows are fully tracked from our very own recording studios, with completely original scripts and characters.
As our shows require straight forward theatre blacks and a single FX cue of lights off/on, this is the perfect show to slot in a busy theatre. Please see our additional promotional material for a teaser of our show!

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