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Welcome to Gary Starr Pantomimes

Theatre is our life… and we get to play in this
magical world everyday!

We are proud to be THE ONLY Touring Pantomime Company in the Galaxy to offer a choice of 12 different shows for any date anywhere in the UK. We are fully self contained and can play anywhere in the UK in any venue from Classroom to Theatre. Competitively priced shows and most importantly peace of mind that you'll receive a top quality, professional and original Gary Starr Production thats suitable for any audience.

We also own and operate our own theatre


So we fully understand the ins and outs of running a successful production. Plus we run all our shows here first to gauge reaction and then adjust so the show you receive is always a guaranteed hit with children and adults alike.

We create safe, happy, magical worlds and invite you all to play within them…

Our shows are always age appropriate and our cast will adapt the show depending on age, for example with a younger audience the villain would be more comedy and less of a threat.

We understand that this can be a lot of childrens first experience with live theatre and we want it to be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Play every day!
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Photo: Yorkshire Wildlife Park Outdoor Event 2018 (Alice in Wilderland)
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Halloween - Grim Tales at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Bespoke shows that played to over 30,000 people over 3 days
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Gary Starr Pantos performed Peter Pan at our school on Monday as a launch for our Book Week. Definitely the best theatre show we've had at our school! Funny, musical and interactive with the audience!! Punctual, polite and friendly actors too. Will definitely have you back same time next year Gary Starr Pantos!! Thank you for an amazing show! X
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1) We have the biggest choice of Pantomimes and Touring Shows in the UK

2) Our prices are highly competitive and unlike other companies, we do not charge per person and our prices do not rise in peak times.

3) We pride ourselves on providing a top quality show, that is suitable for all ages. All our shows carry full public liability, a cast of professional actors, a beautifully created stage set painted by Albemarle of London and full high quality sound system

4) Our shows play in any venue from classroom to theatre and we are fully adaptable.

5) If you book a Gary Starr Pantomime we take care of everything so you dont have too.


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